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Algonquin Hotel St Andrews by the Sea New BrunswickMore than charm and elegance
The Algonquin in St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, N.B. is a year round resort full of tradition and modern enjoyment.

A perfect stay at the Algonquin, St Andrews-by-the-Sea

The stop to enjoy the tasty liquid revitalised us enough to return to the hotel and plunge ourselves into the cooling water of the swimming pool. We rested, arm in arm, in the shallow end, allowing the warmth of the sun to work its magic on our bodies and souls. In the near distance we heard the joyful tunes of bagpipes carried on a soft breeze floating in off the bay. Our dinner reservations assured, we changed into smart casual attire, which is as "dressed-up" as necessary at this year-round resort. Our window seat in the elegant dining room provided glimpses of the descending streaks of sun. By candle light, we savoured a chilled Sauvignon Blanc before indulging in a creative meal that delighted our taste buds. Following dinner we strolled down a quiet side street to the waterfront area in the main part of town.

The long slender finger of a fishing pier jutting out into the bay was now crowded with couples walking hand in hand. It is amazing how romantic even unromantic people become when given the right atmosphere. We stood on the pier, watching the long tapering masts of anchored sail boats sway gently in harmony with the ripples. Reluctantly, we headed back to the hotel, choosing an extended route that brought us past time-worn churches, the tall traditional steeples pointing towards heaven.

Back at The Algonquin, we explored the hotel before turning in. We discovered a roof-top garden just off the second floor. A private terrace protected with green-covered trellises and a spacious gazebo, we found a nook made for lovers. We could see the sparkling bay from this vantage point, the faint light of day almost consumed by the budding stars in the night sky. The moon poured soft light over the roof garden, causing fleeting shadows as wisps of cloud occasionally interrupted its path to earth. A seagull passed overhead, its faint cry the only sound to break the silence. Downstairs, off the main lobby, we could detect the light strains of jazz in The Library , a piano lounge filled with soft cushioned chairs. We sipped a glass of bubbly as the trained musician made easy work of classical favourites on the grand piano. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day of romantic charm and elegance.

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