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Atlantic Canada celebrates a century of the RV2010 is the Year of the RV
Since 1910 the RV has been on the open road. Find out what's happening this year to celebrate a century of RV'ing in Atlantic Canada!

Pioneers in their covered wagons were the first RV?ers to explore North America. But 1910 is the year that leading RV historians cite as the beginning of the modern RV era. Ah? those were the days without the hassle of roads and gas stations!

oldrv_250"The first motorized campers were built in 1910," says David Woodworth, a preeminent collector of early RVs and RV camping memorabilia. "Before then, people camped in private rail cars that were pulled to sidings along train routes. The year 1910 brought a new freedom to people who didn't want to be limited by the rail system. RVs allowed them to go where they wanted, when they wanted."

"The 1910 RVs offered minimal comforts compared to today?s homes-on-wheels," says Woodworth. "But they did provide the freedom to travel anywhere, to be able to get a good night's sleep and enjoy home cooking. One notable exception to today's RV was the bathroom. In 1910, it was usually either yonder tree or yonder bush."

The RV?ers we know enjoy a good deal almost as much as a good campground party. Atlantic Canada is geared up for both. New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia offer some of the best RVing on the planet. To help celebrate a century of happy motor-homing is on the road going the extra mile to bring RV?ers travel tips and directions to great deals.

RV Association celebrates the CentenialOver the next several months this RVing treasure trove will be discovered right here in a series of articles featuring the best places to stay, eat, buy propane, get stuff fixed and fun things to do. We are reaching out to the operators of businesses in Atlantic Canada to get on the RV Century Wagon helping celebrate with great deals of their own. To stay tuned signup here for email updates.

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