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above-the-rest400pxRoofing Contractor Halifax
Ever been stung by a roofing contractor?

Look no further than Above the Rest if you want curteous, professional work done on time and on budget.

My husband and I have been in a perpetual state of home improvement. If it?s not our primary residence undergoing repairs it?s our family cottage that needs a new roof. Although we are not slouches when it comes to tackling projects on our own, there are certain jobs we simply don?t have the time or experience necessary to complete.

roofing-contractor-halifaxIf there is one thing I will not do, it is roofing work. I am terrified of heights.  When my husband had to remove our chimney cap this winter, I was holding my breath the whole time. If the element of danger is there, hire a roofing contractor!

Over the last few years we have had to hire contractors to do myriad of jobs, from septic installations and landscaping to electrical and plumbing work. Overall our satisfaction with each of these contractors has been average. When it was time to sit down and really consider what we needed in a roofing contractor we decided we should do a little leg work to help manage our expectations.

There are a few fundamental things homeowners should look for in their roofing company, fundamentals include:

  1. Fair Pricing
  2. Workmanship
  3. Timelines
  4. Professionalism
  5. Jobsite cleanup

A good roofer will deliver on all of the above. But it doesn?t end there. We are all human and we have expectations regardless of the task at hand. Ask yourself the following questions:

How important is that the roofing company you hire in Halifax be honest & trustworthy?

Is it a concern that the roofing crew be polite and courteous on the jobsite?

If the fundamentals are in place, should it matter if the roofing contractor goes out of his way to minimize inconveniences as much as possible during the project?

How about whether or not your roofing company keeps you in informed on progress?

 roofing-company-halifaxWhen we asked ourselves these questions, we realized these human touches are as important if not more important than the fundamentals. With an arsenal of expectations under our belt we entered the market in search of a Halifax roofing company. We started with a Google search and found Above the Rest Permanent Roofing Systems. We gave them a ring and got Raymond Foley on the line.

After a few minutes of speaking with Ray we were satisfied that he was a roofing contractor we?d like to meet. After running some errands in Halifax we stopped by his place and met both Ray and Tracey Foley. Over coffee we discussed our project.

The four of us got on very well. When it was finally time to hit the road, we?d all gotten to know one another, where we grew up, friends in common, where we like to holiday?Ray and Tracey?s human touch was almost uncanny.

As we drove away my husband asked me how I thought the meeting went and whether Above the Rest was the roofing company for the job. Although we had not talked at length about the project, I knew this Halifax roofing contractor would treat us right. Often, good people mean good business. Not only does Raymond Foley run an excellent roofing company in Halifax, he is one of the best roofing contractors in the business.

roofing-contractor-close-upWe lucked in hiring Above the Rest, our roof is perfect, he made the whole process look easy?and we made some new friends in the process. Not all home improvement stories turn out this way. Hopefully the information in this article will help you find your next Halifax roofing company and/or help you to keep in mind both the fundamentals and human touches of a good contracting company.

If you have a special roofing job you need completed this season, give Ray & Tracey a call. With so much positive feedback, both within this article and throughout their business website, you can't go wrong! Ray can be reached by calling 1-902-489-4244 or swing by and drop him a line! Stay safe this season and call a professional roofing contractor in Halifax for your next roofing project!

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