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Explore a green lifestyle on the St Mary's River

Living green is easy on the St Mary's

Many of us dream of owning a 'green getaway' where we can escape the mounting stress of the world today. A special community exists where preservation and conservation of the wild is a way of life. Located near the south eastern shore of Nova Scotia lies the St Mary's River Valley. Imagine owning a private riverfront timber frame cottage surrounded by a canopy of mature hardwood forest. Days are shaped by the everchanging habitat of a protected river where wild salmon, ospreys, fire flies and bears are regular visitors. Places like this are rare but they do exist.

Words used to describe the St Mary's by those that know it are: 'Gods Country', 'A trip back in time' and 'Pristine Wilderness'. The heart of the St Mary's river valley is rural with the closest town being Sherbrooke (30 minutes by car) - where St Mary's River meets the Atlantic ocean. In just one hour by car from this special spot you can shop in super markets, bank and do metropolitan things in New Glasgow or Antigonish. For many of us living in big cities one hour of traffic free driving to do a big shop isn't an issue.

Truth be told if you are looking for a quality riverfront cottage for sale on the St Mary's River - you'll find few. The locals don't like to part with their riverfront property and if they do it's usually deeded to a family member. This practice (which rattles local estate agents) is just one way of preserving generations of conservation efforts to protect the watershed. Some effective associations play a big part in the eco-conscious culture of the St Mary's. Namely the St Mary's River Association who work to "enhance, protect, and promote the St. Mary's River as a healthy ecosystem for Atlantic salmon and other native animals."

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In Spring 2011 an exclusive opportunity to own a top quality getaway in this community is available. A small family owned business has been working with the community to sustainably develop a green riverfront community on the St Mary's River. In summer 2011 they will build two riverfront timber frame cottages.

The gallery below showcases the magnificent views from these two riverfront timber frame cottages which are now available for pre-sale.

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