The Open Source Project
The force of open source
Why do you Google instead of Bing?
Sure you are wondering what all those weird logos are and what is this 'open source' banter all about. It might interest you to know that this website is built and maintained by someone who's never been officially trained in 'computers'. No help from a geeky programmer or expensive designer. How is this possible? Open Source! In the last 10 years a quiet revolution has been underway. Thousands of talented software developers from all over the world have been collaborating in the creation of many software platforms that serve the ever growing digital needs. If you have an afinity for internet technology then surely you've heard about the battle between Microsoft's products (Windows, Internet Explorer, VISTA Operating System) and the alternatives out there which are not proprietary like Linux, Mozilla Firefox etc. The difference between these two camps is simple. One is built on code which is secret, proprietary and closed to the developer community. The other is a result of the efforts of the most talented freelance programmers in the world. They hide nothing, share everything in efforts to improve and have a long term vision of the future of online technology.

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