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The only way to get love from Google is to play the SEO game by their rules.

SEO Copywriting and the success of your Website

SEO copywriting service enables e-businesses to merge promotional material and keyword algorithms which will in turn increase any web page's visibility in the Search Engines. SEO copywriters do this without sacrificing the fluidity of writing on each web page.

There are two highly effective web strategies e-businesses can use as part of Net Impact's SEO copywriting service.

Internal SEO copywriting service: involves an SEO copywriter going into a website, taking existing content; editing and adding keywords, meta data and content to appeal to search engines. (Internal SEO copywriting is sent for client approval prior to publishing)

External SEO copywriting service: involves using a Landing Page or Feature Page copy written specifically to target client keywords.

Net Impact has perfected its SEO copywriting and provides consultation on how to copy write your own material, how to engage SEO writers, and affiliate your website with powerful pages written to target your keywords.

SEO Copywriting service for Google

SEO copywriting for Google is one of Net Impact's premiere services. Google evaluates over 50 characteristics on any web page when considering it for its index. From bolded terms to the placement of keywords on the page Google is the most challenging search engine to satisfy.

The sophistication of Google technology allows its spiders/bots to evaluate web pages based on a multitude of variables. Net Impact has been offering a SEO copywriting service for Google for several years now.

Net Impact's experience in copywriting for Google has produced a few general rules. Keywords should only have a 5 to 7% concentration in any document. Bolding is useful but only when used sporatically, indicating an appropriate emphasis.

Typically 500 words of SEO copywriting are necessary to achieve optimization goals for one page. The link structure of a web site as well as all individual web pages is crucial in the SEO process. More than 40 or 50 links per page can result in a negative SEO effect.

Using Net Impact's SEO copywriting service: What's the deal?

The easiest way to find out more about the importance of a professional SEO copywriting service is to give us a call. Or send us an email with the URL of your site for a free evaluation. An SEO professional at Net Impact will what areas would benefit most from our service.

Any budget can be met. Net Impact offers its service on a page by page basis. If an e-business would like to have its entire site optimized package prices are available.

Net Impact is based in Atlantic Canada. They have clients throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Learn more about Net Impact's SEO copywriting service and other specialized services.

In today's market SEO copywriting is quickly becoming a necessity. The power of the web to market businesses has resulted in the growth of SEO professionals. Net Impact has a proven record.

Start achieving top positions for your website in Google's organic listings, get in touch with Net Impact today.

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