Riverfront lots for sale Nova ScotiaBeauty of life on the river
Pristine riverfront wilderness, world class fly fishing and a rustic timberframe home

From all the Easterners who went West to Americans ready for change: St. Mary's River awaits. 5 pristine waterfront lots located on the world famous St.Mary's River are available for sale. Waterfront real estate in Nova Scotia has been a hot commodity for decades. Europeans and Americans have invested heavily in recreational land in the Province.

Touring Nova Scotia on the hunt for waterfront real estate will clue buyers into certain realities: the most accessible oceanfront land is SOLD. What's typically left are craggy spits, located in areas of dense fog. Of the remaining beautiful, easily developed waterfront lots: most will stay within the families that own them.

Over the last few years our company Net Impact has come to meet many land owners in the province. Our ability to deliver search engine exposure to these sellers has resulted in going to the business ourselves. Our business: Smithfield Estates Inc owns the St Mary's Riverside Subdivision.

Spring 2011 Update: We're building 2 gorgeous timberframe homes on lots 8 & 9

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 14 new cottage lots are now available! Ranging from 2+ to 3+ acres with private roads and power. These spectacular cottage lots are the best properties available on the river and they are priced to sell. The properties are carved out of a gentle topography sloping gently to the riverside. Click here to see the prices >>

Some history about our waterfront lots for sale:

When we first made the journey out to Sherbrook Nova Scotia, we couldn't believe how steeped in history the area was. Located in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia. Sherbrooke is famous regionally for being home to Sherbrooke Historical Village, the largest museum in Nova Scotia.

The community takes its name from Sir John Coape Sherbrooke, a colonial era Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia. The lifestyle is centered around the pristine nature of the St Mary's River & Valley.

After grabbing some lunch at a local cafe my sister and I made our way 16kms down river to the 19 waterfront lots on the St.Mary's. We knew we were in the right area, but found ourselves unsure exactly where the property lines began and ended. While crossing a river bridge we looked down and noticed a wack of people wearing dive gear, fumbling around in the river. Curious what they were up to, we slowed down and asked the purpose of their work. Turns out it was a bunch of fresh water biologists working for the St.Mary's River Conservation Trust. Way cool! Dad (along for the ride) also an avid Fisher, requested we pull over and visit them at the river's edge.

The Nature Trust protects some of the most outstanding natural areas along the St. Mary's River. There are several ways that the Nature Trust protects land, including donations, purchases, and conservation easements with landowners.

As we approached, we saw the divers had a net full of young salmon. They were busy counting and tagging the fish. Dad's eyes nearly fell from his head he was so excited. Within minutes he'd made the trip to the car and back with his waders ON. My sister and I experienced a brief pang of embarrassment which turned to joy when the DFO divers welcomed Dad into the water to help hold the Net, now overflowing with grilse.

While on the riverbank my sister and I asked those onshore where exactly Indian Man's Pool was--which is just in front of Lot 11. We couldn't believe our luck when the assistant tech said your Dad is standing in it. My sister and I had found our 12 waterfront lots!

Waterfront Lots Nova Scotia: Our First Look!

Once we realised our position, we took off with cameras, leaving Dad with the Conservation group. As we started on our way through each waterfront lot, we discovered it would be hard going unless we hired someone to clear the way. So that's exactly what we did, we hired Peter the Wood man to carefully clear lot lines and make a beautiful River Walk for visitors. We did this in the Fall of 2007.

We returned to St.Mary's the following spring for our second canvassing of the property. The river was high, the air was crisp and now able to walk the entire property, we fell in love!

The topography of these waterfront lots gradually inclines up from the river. Closest to the river the trees are huge, mature hardwoods. Absolutely beautiful.

After about 2 hrs, we realised how large 80 acres is on foot. We started packing up around 6pm that day. On our way back to the car we saw five deer, an owl and a beaver cross the river in front of us.

This property is one of the last remaining secret spots in Nova Scotia. It's a place for family or for friends. Fishing, kayaking, bird watching, boating and hiking are only a handful of what these waterfront lots offer people.

In most cases, there's timber aplenty to build that fishing cabin you've dreamed of or waterfront cottage you crave.

We've decided to keep one of these waterfront lots for our family. Our St.Mary's Waterfront Lots are priced to sell. Waterfront lot prices just down river are selling for 2 to 3 times the amount per acre.

We launched the website www.stmarysriver.ca in March 2008. We've SEOd the website so exposure is increasing!

For those interested in learning more about this land investment opportunity please give us a call or send us an email.

We can be reached at our office by phone (902-757-2715) of by Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.