Real Estate Marketing ExpertsWhat's your online strategy?
If you're selling land - you need one. Find out how specialized online marketing can facilitate lot SALES.

Land Merchants is a company comprised of Search Engine optimization experts specializing in the development of real estate web marketing strategies. Developing a real estate web marketing strategy is step one in a comprehensive approach to selling land.

Over 80% of buyers begin their search for real estate on the Internet. Having subdivisions, raw land tracts and timberland found online for specific keywords is the most effective method of attracting qualified prospects.

Land Merchants pioneers the Internet marketing sector for rural real estate. Land Merchants began developing real estate web marketing strategies in 1996. Since then Land Merchants has developed real estate web marketing strategies that have sold land across North and Central America valued in the millions.

We work with individual land owners, real estate developers, farmers & ranchers and Real Estate Investment Trusts. Our strategies are custom and proven. We have yet to come across a competitor in our industry that offers a similar level of expertise.

Real Estate Web Marketing Strategy: The Process

Land Merchants begins each client relationship by ascertaining client goals. What follows is a complete review of a land owners' offering. A "blue sky session" follows this discovery, whereby the client and a professional real estate web marketer begin putting together a web strategy to suit the land offering. A client's existing real estate website(s) is reviewed. Current website performance levels are discussed. In some cases web development is required. A common issue found among even the most costly websites, is their lack of focus. A flash website with audio & video functionality does not equal land sales.

Land Merchants develops real estate web marketing strategies that generate sales "site unseen". Our understanding of how to build websites that convert online visitors into land buyers before they step foot on the property is second to none.

Real estate web marketing, web development, search engine optimization and a targeted approach to attracting online prospects completes the sales cycle for our clients.

Real Estate Web Marketing Strategy: Why is it so important?

Online real estate is one of the most competitive arenas to advertise in. Without a real estate web marketing strategy land owners will spend advertising budgets with little ROI. The right consultation delivered through the development of a web marketing strategy will accomplish a land owner's goals at a fraction of the cost of conventional media and produce the expected ROI.

Land can take 5 to 6 years to sell, often times much longer depending on the offering. Land Merchants real estate web marketing strategies make a 3 year sales cycle possible. Our understanding of internet user behaviour, keyword opportunity research, web development for real estate, search engine optimization expertise and our network of online real estate portals are the foundations of each strategy we develop.

If you own a tract of land, subdivision(s), Timberland or represent land owners looking to sell check us out. Our website has our most recent projects posted with detailed information and success stories. Our business model supports a low overhead. For our clients this equals some of the most competitive pricing available in our industry. Online user behaviour evolves daily. It takes years to discover behavioral trends. Land Merchants has spent the last 10 years studying how people search and interact with real estate online.

If you would like to maximize the potential of the internet to sell your properties visit us at today.

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