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A useful 'check list' for those in the market for an oceanfront property in Atlantic Canada.

Oceanfront Property Investment Checklist

Over the last several decades prime, waterfront real estate in Nova Scotia has proven to be an outstanding investment. Property values have consistently increased providing owners with a level of security and capital growth surpassing most stock and bond investments. When comparing annual return, dividends associated with owning oceanfront property are measured in years of family enjoyment.

Atlantic Canada has thousands of kilometres of coastline. Terrain varies from rugged and rocky to secluded and serine. Prices are just as varied. The most expensive waterfront is found in and around Chester, Nova Scotia with prime properties going for $500,000 per acre. Oceanfront properties on the Northumberland Straight in Prince Edward Island can be bought for as little as $20,000 per acre.

Here?s an oceanfront property investment checklist. If the answer to anyone of these questions is ?no? there will likely be a negative impact on value.

  • Is the property located within a 2.5 hour drive of an international airport?
  • Does it have good road access with power and utilities at the property line?
  • Are there topographical impediments limiting building location or views?
  • At the shore are conditions good for swimming and boating?
  • Can you purchase groceries and other essentials within a 30 minute drive?

In the last few years properties along Nova Scotia?s Eastern Shore have become increasingly popular. This area of the province is very lightly developed with a coastal, fishing village charm that has remained unchanged for much of the last century. The Liscomb area offers world class opportunities for outdoor activities and is home to the Liscomb Lodge and Adventure Resort.

Oceanfront prices remain reasonable in the $30,000 per acre range for prime property. The home sites at Liscomb Oceanfront are definitely worth a look.

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