Timber frame cottage plans and roads for St Marys Riverside Nova ScotiaTimber frame plans
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Timber Frame Cottage Plans and Roadwork

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The developers of the St Mary's Riverside lots are building two exclusive riverfront timber frame cottages. They are building these legacy homes on the river in response to the many inquiries over the years from people who have fallen in love with the properties and shared their dream of owning a timber frame cottage on the river.

The two custom designed timber frame cottages are available ?on spec" to the market. These [highlight color=green]green homes[/highlight] are being built on river front lots 8 and 9. [highlight color=blue]Please see the plot plan to the right for reference.[/highlight] The intention is to launch St Mary?s Riverside as a unique timber frame community and set a standard for the quality of construction.


The master builder Bernie Wallace is a veteran timber framer. Over the past 20 years he and his experienced team of craftsmen have built some of the finest timber frame homes in Nova Scotia?s highland region.

The frame of each home is hand crafted. Each post, beam and rafter is made from the best Nova Scotia white spruce. Every mortise and tenon is custom cut prior to being assembled on site. Our two timber frame cottages are being built with traditional mortise and tenon joinery. This traditional style creates a handcrafted big timber interior environment of unparalleled strength and beauty.

The beautiful timbers are all anchored by oak pegs. These are truly legacy homes. They will remain as special family places for generations. Elegant and simple, timber frame houses provide incredibly strong structures with virtually unlimited floor plan design flexibility. This strength supports spans enabling large open spaces not possible using conventional building techniques.

Click on the images below to see the timber frame cottage plans


Access and road work

In summer 2010 the developers of St Mary's Riverside invested heavily in creating quality access from highway 348 to the interior and riverfront properties. The gallery below shows the roads leading into the subdivision and to lots 8 & 9 where the timberframe cottages are being built.

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